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Xerographica Small


Xerographica Small
Tillandsia xerographica is a slow-growing, xerophytic epiphyte. The silvery gray leaves are wide at the base and taper to a point making an attractive, sculptural rosette, 3 feet or more in diameter and over 3 feet high in flower. The inflorescence, on a thick, green stem, from 6 to 15 inches in height, densely branched. The leaf bracts are rosy red; the floral bracts are chartreuse; and the petals of the tubular flowers are red to purple and are very long lasting months. The Xerographica is often refered to as the queen of Tillandsia (Air Plants) It is one of our true favorites and makes a spectacular showpiece when fully developed. Xerographica can go without water for long periods and will become curlier when it is in need of water. It has the ability to hold water much like many of its tank type bromeliad cousins. The Plant you will receive is around the 15-20cm mark.

Please note that every plant is unique.
The photos on this website are examples only and not of the actual plant you will be receiving.
It is very similar, but may slightly vary in colour, shape and size.
Air Plants are suitable for QLD, VIC, NSW, ACT, SA climates.
Sorry, due to state regulations, this plant can NOT be posted to Tas, WA, NT.

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