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Air Plant (Tillandsia) Food and Fertiliser


Our ready to use Air Plant Fertiliser is formulated for optimal air plant growth with very specific nutrient ratios to really help your Air plants flourish.


Our 250 ml Air Plant (Tillandsia) food is enough to fertilise about 20 Air plants for a 6 month period. Air Plants only need to be fertilised with a light spray to their foliage once a month in addition to their regular watering routine.


Air plants are well known for being low maintenance. Just sit them in some filtered sunlight and mist a few times a week. They will do fine. But if you want to make your plants really flourish, produce better blooms, and nourish the pups that follow the flowers add Living Art Store Air plant food and fertiliser to your Air plant care routine. Air plants gather what they can from the air through trichomes on their leaves which give many their lovely silvery appearance this is their only way of absorbing nutrients as they use their roots for attachment purposes only. Air plants especially when being grown in doors don’t always get enough nutrients from the air alone. With our air plant fertiliser all you need to do is mist your plants once a month along with their regular watering schedule and they will visibly thank you for it.

Warning: As tempting as it may be, please try not use more than the recommended dose!  Over fertilising can damage Air Plants.

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