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Plant Care Instructions

Air Plants

Air Plants require bright filtered light and spraying with a mist of water about 2 times per week or submerging in water once a week for 1 hour no longer than 8 hours. It is best to take the plant out of it’s planter for watering and once the plant has completely dried place back in it’s planter. Make sure the base of your plant is completely dry otherwise rot can slowly form.  Silvery Air Plants come from dryer habitat ranges than their green counterparts and can take less water. Air Plants (Tillandsia) can be attached to almost any non-toxic surface.
Warning: Do not attach Air Plants to treated timber has it usually has copper in it which is toxic to Air Plants.

Air Plant Fertiliser

For optimum growth Living Art Store’s Air Plant Food can be used on all of your Air plants once a month our fertiliser has precise nutrient ratios that are perfect for Air plant growth. Air Plants being grown indoors especially benefit from a once a month application of our Air Plant Food. Please check out our Plant Care section for further information on our Air Plant Food. Your plants will thank you for taking special care of them and you will notice the results.

Air Plant Misters

At Living Art we have been growing Air Plants for years both indoors and out.
We initially used general plastic misters that are available at most garden stores however we were continuously disappointed with the triggers failing after a few uses. We have trialled our misters and they are far superior to the conventional plastic spray bottles. We offer a luxury model in glass that fits in beautifully with your home décor and an economic mister that gets down to business with a very affordable price tag.

Suspended Living Art

Suspended Air Plants make a very interesting effect and can be hung indoors and outdoors.
All our Living Art should be spayed with water twice a week. Check out our Living Art Toolbox for our unique sprayers.
If you would prefer to soak the plant once a week instead we would suggest lifting the sea urchin shell off the plant and letting it sit beside the bowl so only the Air plant is soaked for a couple of hours to rehydrate.
Do not leave Air plants soaking in water for more than 8 hours as this will drown the Air plant causing it to slowly rot.