Creating living art for inside and outside your home
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Living Art Store is a your one stop Air Plant shop.
Our mission is to introduce people to the joys of growing Air Plants and using them to create Living Art inside and outside the home.
Living Art is the culmination of Ryan Maunder’s love of plants and ascetics.

Ryan Maunder has been growing Tillandsia or Air plants as they are commonly know from the age of 12.

He also has worked in the landscaping industry specializing in building large-scale water features.
However after 2 back operations within a couple of years he’s decided to share his love of Tillandsia, which he grows and hybridizes in Mackay, Queensland.
Having always been interested in design, especially living design, Ryan is always thinking of
and testing different methods of displaying and growing his Tillandsia in interesting eye catching ways.

Air Plants are the most amazing family of epiphytes, they naturally grow in North America, Florida all the way down into South America and are actually the largest of all the Bromeliad Genus with over 650 species and counting. Not to mention the incredible hybrids that have been created over the years by many Tillandsia experts and enthusiasts around the world.

If you have a small space but want to have a garden, create a Living wall of Air Plants and enjoy watching your Tillandsias grow over Time. Air plants are slow growing but have beautiful flowers and can grow into amazing clumps over time. These plants are easy to care for and captivating in so many ways.

Air Plants are hardy as long as they have their basic requirements and are treated with a little love and care. You will be rewarded by these plants, making all your friends jealous of your spectacular Air plant display that grows more magnificent with age.

We are more than happy to accommodate to special requests and custom orders.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our website.