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Ionantha (Guatemalan Form)



Ionantha Guatemalan form

The Ionantha is one of the most common and popular Air Plants. It is a hardy plant that requires minimal attention. The Ionanatha also can be easily attached to drift wood or even hung from fishing line and also looks spectacular in terrariums. When it starts to come into bloom, its spiky leaves change from green into a stunning bright red colour. After the leaves change in colour a gorgeous purple flower with 3 to 4 stems produce with yellow tip pollen at the ends. Once the bloom dies off, the plant begins to grow babies, or better known as ‘pups’. If the pups are left to grow, your Ionantha will eventually grow into an amazing clump of Air Plants.

Please note that every plant is unique.
The photos on this website are examples only and not of the actual plant you will be receiving.
It is very similar, but may slightly vary in colour, shape and size.
Air Plants are suitable for QLD, VIC, NSW, ACT, SA climates.
Sorry, due to state regulations, this plant can NOT be posted to TAS, WA, NT.

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